Why We Love Our Lockyer Valley

If you take a drive an hour west of Brisbane or just under 2 hours from the Sunshine or Gold Coast, you’ll discover our beautiful Valley we call home.

Our valley is among the top 10 most fertile farming areas in the world with our farmers growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables delivering premium produce to the nation and international countries.

Settled in the 1840’s, our Valley has grown to a population of approximately 40,000 and continues to grow everyday with new families moving in, career opportunities and the sort after peaceful tree change our Region offers. You’ll discover plenty of shopping and locally made items, schools, University, Hospitals, Restaurants, sporting groups and community groups that cater for everybody’s needs. Gatton is the heart of the Lockyer Valley in a central location close to Toowoomba, Brisbane and the coast, it is a wonderful place we are lucky enough to call home and hope you find the welcoming spirit to call it your home today.