First impressions make all the difference

  • Create a desired atmosphere within your home by cutting down on clutter & create a feeling of space throughout your home.

Create a Welcoming Street Appeal

  • Have your property fresh & tidy inside & out
  • Keep your lawn & gardens maintained & colourful

Preparation & presentation are the main factor when selling your home

  • Always try to have your home clean & tidy for inspections
  • Give your home a good spring clean to allow for a comfortable viewing

Be The Buyer

  • Put yourself in a buyers shoes & look at your home from their point of view
  • Make a list of things you find enticing & carry them out in your property


  • Keep the outside of your home presentable, clean gutters & walls etc.
  • Keep outdoor areas & pools clean & free from clutter

On Inspection Day

  • Most people feel more comfortable in a house when the owner is absent, try and give prospective purchasers there space when viewing your home so they can concentrate on what they're looking for.
  • Keep personal belongings stored away so as not to distract from the home

Noise & Smell

  • Fresh baked sweets, coffee & flowers always add a nice smell to a home
  • Keep the TV off and the radio to a minimum during inspections


  • Try & keep your pets tied up outside during inspections
  • Keep pet odours under control, open the windows for some fresh air and perhaps place a light smelling air freshner in rooms where pets have been


  • Tend to minor repairs like a leaky tap or a broken bulb
  • In doing so, the buyers will appreciate the way you maintain the property

It's Hard To Sell A Secret

  • A well presented & maintained home builds trust in prospective buyers
  • A home that is cared for & is easily maintainable is appealing to everybody
  • Advertise your property the best possible way to achieve the best result!