Emily Hallas

About me

Being a third generation Real Estate Agent at the tender age of 18 I joined the All Property team with a clear vision for a long term future in Real Estate in the Lockyer Valley.
When you visit the Lockyer Valley you can see why we locals love it and why you may fall in love with it too! We have rich farmland that can grow a multitude of fruits and vegetables, rolling mountains and stunning scenery, a variety of industry for work opportunities and a lifestyle like no other. We are the central pivotal point to the Downs, the City and the Coast, what more could you want?
One of the best things I love about the Valley is our lifestyle is affordable and relaxing making it desirable for locals to stay and enticing for newcomers to call the Lockyer Valley their home.
With 10 years (and counting) experience in the industry, my love for the Valley and its people continues to grow. If you are thinking of making a move to our beautiful Valley, whether it be buying or renting, we are the team that connect All Property with People.